IACS Group manufactures our MCC Panels according to the IEC 60439 and IEC 61439 standards, this ensures that our MCC’s and RIO panels are of the highest quality. The switchgear used in all our products is sourced from well know manufacturers like Siemens, Schneider and Allen-Bradly all of which are SABS approved.


Robert Fletcher

Founder, IACS (Pty) Ltd.

Robert Fletcher has 16 years experience in the Industrial Automation field. Robert’s main focus will be to do the preliminary design, after which he will supervise and manage the team until project completion. Robert will then sign off on the project once it has been completed.


Craig Peek

Founder, IACS (Pty) Ltd.

Craig Peek has 9 years experience in the Sales and business development field. Craig's main focus will be to liase with clients and ensure their needs are met and bridge the gap between sales and technical.


Why choose IACS


We pride ourselves on being professionals and doing what we do better than anyone else can do it.

We do it all

Our business is involved from start to finish, from the consultation to design and in the end, delivery. We do everything in-house.

Word travels

90% of our business is generated through our clients by word of mouth because of our professionalism.

We do whatever it takes

Making a promise is one thing, delivering that promise is another. We deliver exceeding a clients expectations.